NIKB Anti-Doping Activites

Anti-Doping Rules


It is important that all members of the Northern Ireland Karate Board take note of the two proposals below. These two proposals are effective immediately.

Proposal 1

The Board of the NIKB hereby resolves that the anti- doping rules of NIKB comprised in the NIKB’s governance rules and regulations shall, as and from 6 April 2022 stand repealed and shall be replaced by the following rule: The anti- doping rules of NIKB are the UK ANTI- Doping Rules published by UK Anti- Doping Limited (or its successor), as amended from time to time.
Such rules shall take effect and be construed as rules of the NIKB.

Proposal 2

The NIKB Disciplinary & Code of Conduct Policy has the following additions which are binding on all NIKB Members, Athletes, Directors, Officers Athlete Support Workers or Volunteers from April 2022. All athletes, athlete support personnel and other persons must cooperate fully with any anti- doping investigations or proceedings, whether conducted by UK Anti- doping or any other competent body. Failure to do so without acceptable justification may be treated as misconduct under the NIKB Disciplinary Code Regulations/ Rules of Conduct and may be sanctioned accordingly.

Annual Review

The attached link will display the 2022 Annual Review click here.