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Annual Review

Below is a summary of the anti-doping activities for the year that NIKB have completed. It has been an extremely tough period due to much of the year either spent in lockdown or under restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clean Sport Education Strategy & Implementation Plan


2022 is the introduction of our new anti-doping strategy.

Our mission for the next 2 years is to protect the integrity of clean sport within Northern Ireland Karate.

Our education strategy aims to target key anti-doping topics, in line with UKADs clean sport curriculum in conjunction with our sport specific needs. These topics will cover; principles and values of clean sport, strict liability, rights and responsibilities of athletes, coaches and ASP, consequence of doping, anti-doping rule violations, the prohibited list, supplements, mediations & TUEs, the testing process, testing pools and ADAMS, how to report doping, substances of abuse.

Coaches and ASP’s will also have specific education opportunities specific to their role relating to anti-doping with Northern Ireland Karate.


By December, 2022,  4 NIKB Athletes  and 2 Coaches and 1 ASP   will have received or attended an  Anti -Doping Education session.

All Athletes, Coaches and Athlete Support Personnel received information regarding the prohibited list changes for 2023.


At the date of this report (1/12/2022), Northern Ireland Karate will have satisfied UKADs Assurance Framework.


Northern Ireland Karate currently has no athletes on the whereabouts programme.